You are welcome to come for taster session costing £5 payable at the class. There is a 10% discount for the first sibling and 50% discount for the second sibling.

Lessons need to be booked in advance to ensure there is a space for your child. Class numbers are limited to around 10 or 11.

Classes can be started at any point in the term. After your £5 taster session you are welcome to join the class for the remainder of the term; in which case, the term's fees would be due the following week.

There are no registration or enrolment fees. Parents/carers commit on a termly basis. However, if you are only able to attend half a term or a block of 4 consecutive lessons or more, then this fine.

Usually one adult brings the baby or child to the class and this can be the mum, dad, grandparent or carer. Both parents or two adults are welcome to attend but please let me know so I can put another mat out!

Please arrive 5 minutes before the start of your class to allow time to take off coats and to settle your child so that the lessons start on time.

  • Please note there are no refunds for holidays taken or for illness during the term but parents, grandparents and carers are very welcome to make up missed lessons providing there is space available. Make up lessons can be taken at any time within the term paid for, before or after an absence. Just contact me via email prior to your visit to ensure there is space available.
  • Siblings in families can attend each other's classes with no further costs providing each child has paid the termly fee for their own age group.


  • If you wish to bring two children to one weekly class only and the second child is more than 3 months outside the age range of the class, then it is £1 per class for the second child. £1 can be paid at the class if the second child is attending. Please let me know in advance if you want to bring a second child to ensure there is enough room.


  • A new baby accompanying a sibling in a Little Notes class is free until the new baby reaches 6 months and thereafter it's £1 per class. 


  • A new baby accompanying a sibling in a Big Notes class is free.


  • The Big Notes class is not really suitable for sibling older babies who are mobile as it's distracting for the age 3 and 4 year olds, unfortunately. The older babies are welcome to wait in the corridor with their parents whilst the pre-school age children attend their class independently. This seems to work effectively. 


  • The Big Notes class is extremely beneficial in helping your child prepare for infant school. The classes are structured where each child sits on his/her own mat; they choose their own instruments, we share instruments and take turns, they are invited to answer questions, they can volunteer to lead the group as a conductor or marching band leader, for example. The class supports their growing independence and help develop their learning behaviours. I do a small amount of notation reading with them.
  • Classes may be paid by cheque, BACS or cash at the class. I can email the BACS details to you.
  • Classes are held during term time only.
  • At the end of every term you will be invited to continue classes in the next term. Places are offered to babies and children currently in attendance and the fees will be due at the last lesson of every term for the following term. Any remaining spaces will be offered to babies and children on the waiting list after this date.
  • You are always welcome to contact me and put your child's name on the list for future lessons or if you are pregnant and wish to attend after the birth of your child. Many parents put their child's name on the waiting list a good 3/6 months in advance to ensure there is a space for them. Most classes run full from one term to the next and the spaces are filled before I have had time to update the website. 
  • Parking and toilet facilities are available at the Oxted Community Hall.




Original songs and arrangements are copyrighted to H Craig. Other instrumental pieces and arrangements are copyrighted to I Craig. Intellectual property owned by H Craig. 

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